Belmond Public Works Director Justin Fournier told the city council Jan. 18 that his crew will be working this week to clean up the streets from last Friday’s four-inch snow storm.

  “It was a heavy snowfall and hard to deal with,” he said. “We worked today to clean up some of the hard ice patches. We’ll continue on Wednesday when it’s forecast to be warner. We’re doing what he can to keep overtime to a minimum. And I’ve had two conversations with our sub-contractor about street priority.”

  Fournier had one final comment. “It would be really helpful if people would stay out of our way until we have Main Street cleared. It’s hard to do a good job when you’re dodging vehicles all the time.”

  Police Chief Rick McDaniel told the council about a new translation service available to his department and the city office. “It’s a certified translation service that uses a speakerphone. It can be really helpful when you have a language barrier. For 57 cents a minute, the company can provide a translator for just about any language.”

   Finally, the council approved a new credit card agreement. Belmond residents can pay their monthly water/sewer bills for an additional fee of 2.75 percent. (This would be a $2.75 charge on a $100 bill.)