The Belmond City Council has approved moving forward with a bid letting for the reconstruction of five blocks of Third Street NE this summer.

  Feb. 15 the council reviewed preliminary plans for the job. Engineers from Snyder Associates estimate the cost of the work at nearly $2.9 million. It will include all new sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains and pavement, very similar to what was done on 1st St. SE a few years ago.

  The project includes the rebuilding of Third St. NE, plus the 400 block of 2nd Ave. NE. The two jobs would not be done at the same time. The work on Third Street would be completed this summer and fall ($2.34 million). The work on Second Avenue would be done next spring and early summer ($530,000).

  The city will open bids on Thursday, March 4. The city council will then give a final yes or no on Monday, March 15. If the work proceeds, the winning contractor must have the job on Third Street finished by November 19. The 2nd Avenue work won’t begin until the spring of 2022, with a June 30, 2022 completion date.

  The construction on Third St. NE will start at the east side of the intersection with 1st Avenue and go five blocks east to the east side of the 6th Avenue intersection. People living north of Third Street will have to access the rest of Belmond using either 8th Avenue or Luick’s Lane. The intersections at 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Avenues will be closed.  

  The Third Street project will not be the only traffic issue in Belmond this year. The Iowa Department of Transportation plans to close Highway 69 north of town this spring so that two bridges can be replaced. Traffic will be detoured to Luick’s Lane for many months in 2021.