The Belmond City Council gave its approval Monday night for participation in the hiring of a new joint employee for the city and the Belmond Growth Alliance.

  The Belmond Growth Alliance is a proposal to merge the Belmond Chamber of Commerce and BIDCO. (See another story in this issue.)

   Public Works Director Justin Fournier reported to the council that the new playground equipment at River Park is now complete. In addition, a new fence has been installed on two sides of the basketball court in Crown Point Park so stray that balls can no longer roll down the hill and into the creek.

  City Council Member Katie Schlichting asked Carlyle and Fournier about ways to improve snow removal this winter. “I know it seems like snow always falls on weekends or some other inconvenient time,” she said. “But there must be a better way to get snow and ice off the streets faster before it melts and refreezes. Is there a way for public works employees to have more flexible hours in the winter?”

  Both Fournier and Carlyle said they are working on such an idea.

  “I think the public will see a noticable improvement in the streets this winter. If people are unhappy, we want them to call City Hall,” said Carlyle.

  “We will be working on flexible hours,” said Fournier. “One of our goals will be to keep storm intakes open so the water can drain away quickly rather than freeze on the street. We have a new plow this year, and for the first time, all of our snow removal equipment has passed an Iowa DOT inspection.”

  Finally, the council agreed to switch back to.... read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.