Tuesday, Nov. 5 is election day for city and school offices. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is a rundown of the candidates. A Wright County sample ballot can be found inside this week's Belmond Independent.


  Mayor: Frank Beminio (I)

  City Council (vote for two) Ron Allen (I), Jose Alfaro (I)

  Park Commission (vote for one): Sharleen Sorum (I)

  Hospital Trustees (vote for three) Brad Robson (I), Nancy Gabrielson (I), Tom Christianson (I)


  Mayor: Thomas Schear (I)

  City Council (vote for four): Marie Carroll (I) plus three write-ins


  Mayor: Ryan Halfpop

  City Council: (vote for two): Michael Holst (I) and Alan Pralle (I)


  Mayor: Ken Blank (I)

  City Council (vote for two): David Abele (I), Doug Taft, (I) Daniel Wolf


  Mayor: Richard M. Miller (I)

  City Council: four write-ins


  Mayor: Ron Bailey (I)

  City Council: (vote for three) Mark Bruns (I), Lennea Groom and one write-in

Belmond-Klemme School Board

  District 1 (vote for one): Sharon Barkema (I)

  District 2 (vote for one): Sara Hansen, Ryan Meyer

  District 3 (vote for one): Jim Swenson, Dan Gabrielson

  District 5 (vote for one): Teresa Mosiman (I), Michelle Murphy

  (I) = incumbent

 Ballot Question: Should the B-K School Board eliminate districts and have all seven board members elected at-large? (Vote yes or no.)

Where do I vote?

  Town of Belmond: City Hall

  Town of Rowan: Belmond City Hall

  Town of Goodell: Goodell Community Hall

  Town of Klemme: Klemme City Hall

  Belmond-Klemme Schools in Iowa, Belmond and Pleasant Townships: Belmond City Hall

  B-K Schools in Avery Township: Goodell Comm. Hall

  B-K Schools in Twin Lakes Township: Kanawha City Hall

  B-K Schools in Liberty and Ell Townships: Klemme City Hall

  B-K Schools in Norway and Grant Townships: Courthouse in Clarion

  B-K Schools in Blaine Township: Dows Community Center

  B-K Schools in Franklin County: Alexander City Hall

  CAL School in Pleasant and Iowa Townships: Belmond City Hall

  CAL School in Franklin County: Alexander, Latimer and Coulter

  West Fork Schools in Pleasant Township: Belmond City Hall

  West Fork Schools in Avery Township: Goodell Comm. Hall

  Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Schools in Iowa Township: Belmond City Hall

  C-G-D Schools in Dows, and Blaine and Vernon Townships: Dows Community Center

  C-G-D Schools in Grant, Norway, Dayton, Lake, Lincoln and Wall Lake Townships: Courthouse in Clarion

  West Hancock Schools in Belmond Township: Belmond City Hall


  There are contested races for three of the four seats in this year’s Belmond-Klemme school board election.

  The Belmond Independent contacted each candidate with five questions and a request for a brief biography. The answers are printed in this week's issue of the Belmond Independent. Buy a copy or order a subscription today.