The condition and future of the old Parker school gymnasium was reviewed Feb. 4 by the Belmond City Council. Officials learned that something must be done with the roof very soon or it will be too late to save the building.

  A $27,000 grant from the Jacobson Fund for Belmond was received last fall to study the gym. Two representatives of SEH Engineering and Architecture have been looking at the building and talking to Belmond residents about the needs of the community.

  The pair from SEH reported that the gym is in fairly good condition, but that at least one-third of the roof is damaged. Water infiltration has ruined the wood floor and soaked the ceiling insulation and rafters. The leaking must be stopped soon before the roof damage has gone too far. In addition, the building needs new windows, a new electrical system, a complete heating and cooling system, an elevator and/or ramps, wall insulation, new emergency lighting, new restrooms, new fire alarms, new lighting, and mold removal.

  The consultants said.... read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.