Sack lunch

   The Belmond-Klemme school district started handing out free “grab and go” lunches for children March 19. Over 300 lunches were prepared for the first day of the program which will last as long as school is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  The first meal was a combination lunch/breakfast that included a packaged Uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Sun Chips, cut-up vegetables, an orange, granola bar, cereal, Pop Tart, and one carton each of milk and orange juice.

  “The bags are really full,” Melysa Watne, a B-K lunch lady who helped with the assembly line that packaged the meal, said.

  Anyone who wanted a free lunch could drive up to one of five stops in the district. “The kids need to be in car,” Food Service Director Kim Belstene said. “It’s like the summer lunch program – we need to see a body to hand out a meal.”

  The bagged lunches will be handed out daily at noon. There are two stops in Belmond – at the circle drive in front of Jacobson Elementary School and at Swimming Pool Park. The other stops are at the Rowan Community Center, Klemme City Park and Goodell Community Hall. In addition, Belstene said she is delivering lunches to students who live in the country and can’t make it into town. Call her at 641-444-4300, ext. 1116, to arrange for delivery.