The Belmond-Klemme agriculture program proposed building a barn for swine production and a greenhouse at the Sept. 19 school board meeting.

  The idea was presented by Lauren Crawford, reporter for the local FFA chapter. Crawford said the barn would be used to raise pigs and to practice show ring techniques, while the greenhouse would be used for soil testing and plant growth trials. She pointed out that 40 percent of jobs in Wright County are ag-related.

  Debbie Barkela, who teaches the ag classes and is the FFA sponsor, said the new facilities would ideally be located near the junior/senior high – perhaps by the baseball field or football practice field. She had no costs for the project.

  Boardmember Marc Schlichting said, “I feel the community would definitely support this.” Boardmembers urged Barkela to gather information about possible grants and donations.

  In other business, the board.... read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.